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The unincorporated town of Millersville is in western Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. European-Americans began to settle the area in the early 1800s, including those of German, Swiss and Dutch descent. Promised a large land grant from the Spanish government in the late 1700s, George Frederick Bollinger set forth to the area along with a group of about twenty families, which included the Miller family, who settled in Cape County in late 1803. At that time, the area was sparsely populated, and mostly wilderness. John Miller settled along the Whitewater, about six miles west of Jackson, although Jackson was not to be established for another ten years. The community that arose in this place became known as Millersville, for John Miller, although it was never incorporated. Today, Millersville is accessed by Missouri Highway 72 and Route B. Hartle Ford is immediately west of Millersville, and Burfordville is to the south.



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