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Missouri City is situated along the northern banks of the Missouri River in Clay County, Missouri. As far back as 1820, the city was known as Atchison, but its name had changed to Missouri City by 1857. The first settlement of the town was in Williams’ Landing, where a ferry was operated by Shrewsbury Williams at the mouth of Rose’s Branch. By 1846, there were about a dozen houses there, and the community was known as Richfield. Another town was laid out in the area that was to become part of Missouri City, and named St. Bernard. Still, later another town was formed, and named New Richfield, and then yet another, named Atchison. In 1859, St. Bernard, Richfield and Atchison were incorporated as Missouri City, and New Richfield joined later. The town was badly damaged during the Civil War, as it became the target of bushwackers and jayhawkers, who destroyed many of its businesses. Largely because of the development of the Wabash Railroad, the town recovered. Missouri City is concentrated between the Missouri River, to the south, and Missouri Route 210, which passes through the northern part of the city. The larger city of Liberty is about nine miles west of Missouri City.



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