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Mokane is situated near the Missouri River in Callaway County, Missouri. The city was developed as a station on the Missouri, Kansas and Eastern Railway, from which its name was derived (Mo, Kan, E). Actually, Mokane had its beginning as St. Aubert, from 1870 to 1890, which consisted of a small group of houses and a store along the banks of the river, about one mile from its current location. Most of these homes were washed into the Missouri River due to erosion. When the railroad came through, the town relocated to its current location. For a time, Mokane was prosperous as a division of the Katy Railroad, but when the Katy division left Mokane, its population dropped by about fifty percent. Today, Mokane is primarily a rural community, accessed through Missouri Highway 94 and Route C. The Katy Trail, which passes through town, brings some tourism and recreational visitors. Steedman is northeast of Mokane, Tebbetts is southwest, and Liberty and Browns Ford are west and northwest of the city.



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