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Monroe City, Missouri is in Marion, Monroe and Ralls counties. The community was planned in 1857, in anticipation of construction of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad. Lots were sold and homes were built soon afterward, although the town was not laid out until 1875, originally known as Monroe Station. A school, known as the Monroe Institute, was opened in 1860, which was the focus of the only Civil War battle in Monroe County in which cannons were used. Union troops under the command of Colonel Ulysses Grant were victorious. Monroe Station became Monroe City in 1869, and the Hannibal and Central Missouri Railroads were completed between Hannibal and Monroe City by 1879, allowing area farmers and shopkeepers to acquire and ship products to all parts of the company. The Henderson Produce Company also played a large part in the early economy of the town, in operation between 1898 and the late 1950s. Several tool and die companies have contributed to the city’s economy, as well. Monroe City is accessed through Interstate Highway 36 and US Highway 24, which runs through the city. Hassard, Huntington and West Ely are east of Monroe City, while Hatch is southeast, Indian Creek is south, Clapper is southwest, Lakenan is west, Warren is north, and Woodland is to the northeast.



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