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Morrison is in Gasconade County, Missouri. The first permanent settlement in the area is thought to have been made by Robert Shobe in 1828, although a town was not organized at that time. The Pacific Railroad completed its tracks through the area in 1855 and, that same year, William J. Morrison opened a store and train depot there, having moved the depot building from Dresden, and became the postmaster. However, his business ventures in Morrison were disrupted by the beginning of the American Civil War. As Morrison’s father, Alfred William Morrison, with roots in Kentucky, was a Southern sympathizer, a new postmaster was appointed for Morrison within two months of Fort Sumter. The original Shobe home is still in existence, and referred to as the Morrison House, as William Morrison later owned the property. The Morrison railroad depot closed in the late 1960s. The town has long been plagued by flooding of the Missouri River and local creeks. Morrison is west of Gasconade, east of Chamois, and north of Fredericksburg.



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