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Morse Mill is an unincorporated town in Jefferson County, Missouri. The town is named for John H. Morse, an industrialist who settled in the area in 1847. Constructed in the early 1870s, his three-story frame house was used as a hotel in the 1920s. Known as Morse Mill Hotel, this was the place where Bertha Gifford, America’s third female serial killer, murdered her first victim. The building still exists, as does an abandoned mill dam on the Big River in Morse Mill, left over from the gristmill that had been operated by John Morse. Morse also built the iron-frame Morse Mill Bridge that spans the Big River. Today, Morse Mill is a rural town that gives few people a reason to stop as they pass by on Highway B. Cedar Hill Lakes and Dittmer are north of Morse Hill, while Hillsboro is southeast, and the small community of Cottage Farm is south, Belews Creek is northeast, and Grubville is to the west.



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