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The city of Moscow Mills is in Lincoln County, in eastern Missouri. Settlers began coming into the area in the late 1790s, attracted by Spanish land grants. Early residents of the community were Shapley Ross and his family who came from Kentucky to Missouri Territory in 1817, settling near Clark’s Fort, a War of 1812 stockade, in the area that was to become Moscow Mills. He operated a grist and saw mill on the Cuivre River, and began construction on a stone house on the hill overlooking the mill, known as the Shapley House, which is still in existence. He and a group of local businessmen planned the town of Moscow, which was later renamed Moscow Mills. The intention was for the town to compete for the county seat but, although that goal was not achieved, the town continued to grow as a farming community. In the 1830s, the Old River Mill was built by Henry Martin, and it continued in operation until 1945, and the mill area is now the location of the Mill Site Park. Moscow Mills is located just east of US Highway 61, southeast of Troy and northwest of Chain of Rocks.



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