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Mound City is located near the intersection of Interstate Highway 29 and Missouri Route 118 in Holt County, in northwestern Missouri. The city was named for the mounds on which it was laid out in 1857. Mound City was part of the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, and the area began to be populated by white settlers after the Sac, Fox and Ioway Indians were moved out as a result of at treaty signed in 1838. The first home in the area was built by Thomas Ferguson, who built a two-room cabin along the south banks of Davis Creek in 1840, selling it to Andrew P. Jackson in 1845, when the area began to be known as Jackson’s Point, a stagecoach stop along the St. Joseph to Cainsville line. In 1853, Galen Crow started a store on the north side of Davis Creek, and the post office was moved to Crow’s in 1855, and renamed North Point. Mound City grew up around Crow’s establishment, and was incorporated as Mound City in 1857. The new town was nearly evacuated during the Civil War, but was reincorporated in 1873, with the railroad coming in 1880. Bigelow and Big Lake are southwest of Mound City, and the small community of Craig is to the northwest.



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