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The city of Mount Vernon, Missouri is the seat of government for Lawrence County. Founded in 1845, the city was named for George Washington’s estate. The first people to inhabit the region, of course, were in existence about thirteen thousand years ago, but it was the Osage Indians who were there when the first white explorers entered the region. They were displaced by the Indian Removal Act of 1830, after which white settlers began to settle the area. Judge John Williams came with several other families to settle near the current site of Mount Vernon in 1831. Originally, the area was known as New Madrid, a part of the District of Louisiana, becoming part of the Missouri Territory in 1812, Wayne County in 1830, Greene County in 1834, Barry County in 1837, and Lawrence County in 1845, which is when both the county and its county seat were officially formed. At various times, both Confederate and Union troops were headquartered in Mount Vernon during the Civil War, and the loyalties of its population were divided. In the spring of 1862, General Samuel Curtis captured the Southern outpost at Mount Vernon, and the city remained in Union hands throughout the remainder of the war. Mount Vernon is located primarily on the north side of Interstate Highway 44, with Branch 44 becoming Mount Vernon Boulevard as it passes through town. Hoberg is southwest of Mount Vernon.


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