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Mountain View, Missouri is in Howell County. The small city was established in 1878, although there are a couple of competing stories as to the founding of the town. Some records indicate that the town began after Green McClennan opened the first store in the area, trading in a type of money called a Klondyke, as well as operating a barter system. Others claim that the town’s founder was John Goldsberry, who opened a store and post office there, naming the new town Mountain View. The railroad came through Mountain View in 1885 but, before that, most of the town was laid out along the road that runs along the graveyard. When the Current River Road was completed, the focus of the town shifted to where First Street is today, largely because of the establishment of a railroad depot, where the Mountain View Community Center now stands. Today, Mountain View is largely accessed through US Highway 60 and Missouri Route 17. East of Mountain View is Teresita, Montier and Birch Tree, while Trask and Hutton Valley are to the west. Portions of the Mark Twain National Forest are both east and west of the city.


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