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Neosho is the county seat of Newton County, Missouri, and its most populated city. Neosho was settled in the late 1820s, and the town was named the county seat in 1839. During the Civil War, Neosho residents were divided in their loyalties, although its sympathies leaned toward the South. When Missouri Governor Claiborne Jackson, who was pro-Confederate, was forced to evacuate the state capitol, he convened a special meeting of the legislature in the Masonic Hall in Neosho to vote on secession. The meeting was short of a quorum, however, so the legislature met again three days later, in Cassville, and voted to seceded from the Union. No major battles were fought in Neosho, but its downtown area was burned by retreating Confederate troops in 1863. In 1870, the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad extended its track to Neosho, later becoming the San Francisco and St. Louis Railroad, which was also known as the Frisco. In 1887, the Kansas City, Fort Smith and Southern Railroad came to Neosho, and the Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad connected with the Frisco and Kansas City Southern tracks in Neosho in 1908. Neosho is situated just east of Interstate Highway 49, which is also US Highway 71. Surrounding communities include Belfast, Diamond, Goodman, Granby, Monark Springs, Spurgeon, Sweetwater, and Tipton Ford.


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