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New London, Missouri, the county seat of Ralls County, was platted in 1819 and named for London, England. The first white men to set foot in what is now Ralls County were Dr. Saugrain and Louis Bouvet, who came from New Orleans, down the Mississippi River to the mouth of the Salt River, which became the site of New London. The two men parted there. Saugrain going on to Saverton, while Bouvet went to Spaulding where he manufactured salt and established a fort. With the War of 1812, the local Indians became the enemies of the settlers. A battle was fought on Spencer Creek, south of New London, while another was at Cincinnati, in the southern part of Ralls County. After that, the Indians moved farther west. William Jameson, a government surveyor, laid out the town of New London in 1819, and Ralls County was formed in 1820. New London predates the State of Missouri and, at one time it was the capital of Northeast Missouri. Today, New London is accessed by US Highway 61, which runs through the western end of the town, or by Branch Highway 61, Missouri Route A or Route V, which pass through the center of town. New London is south of Hannibal, southwest of Saverton, northwest of Frankford, and northeast of Center.



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