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Newburg is a small city in Phelps County, Missouri. The community was founded in 1883 as a division point for the St. Louis - San Francisco Railway, and is currently used as a maintenance stop by the Burlington Northern - Santa Fe Railroad. With easy access to the railroad, a couple of attempts were made to establish iron working in Newburg. The Ozark Iron Works began in 1867, but filed for bankruptcy in 1877, and in 1880 the Knotwell Iron Company used the facilities for a short time before a drop in iron prices put an end to the industry in Newburg. The city is located on the historic Route 66, and a few structures that served its tourist industry before being bypassed by Interstate Highway 44 remain, including John’s Modern Cabins, now a ghost tourist court, and Vernelle’s Motel, which is still operational although it’s on-site restaurant and filling station were demolished in 1957. Newburg is southwest of Doolittle and east of Arlington, in the northern part of the Mark Twain National Forest.



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