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Newtonia is a small village in Newton County, Missouri. Largely an agricultural community today, the town is home to some antebellum homes, such as the Ritchey Mansion, as well as a cemetery for Civil War dead. Newtonia was the site of two famous Civil War battles. The First Battle of Newtonia was fought on September 30, 1862. Confederate Colonel Douglas H. Cooper had assigned two of his units to Newtonia, where there was a flour mill. Discovered by Union scouts the previous day, the Union attacked Newtonia at about 7:00 a.m. After several attacks, the Confederates were victorious, but they were unable to remain in the area, retreating into northern Arkansas. This was one of the few Civil War battles in which Native Americans played a significant role. The Second Battle of Newtonia was fought on October 28, 1864. Confederate cavalry under the command of General Sterling Price and General Joseph O. Shelby stopped to rest at Newtonia during a retreat from Missouri when they were attacked by Union cavalry troops under the command of Major General James G. Blunt. Shelby’s mounted infantry division engaged the Union force, holding up the Union pursuers while the remainder of the Confederate forces were able to retreat into Indian Territory. There were four hundred Union casualties and two hundred and fifty Confederate casualties. Newtonia is situated adjacent to Stark City, to the south. Granby is to the northwest, Berwick is to the northeast, and Fairview is to the southeast, while the community of Monark Springs is west of Newtonia.



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