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The city of Nixa, in Christian County, was settled in the mid-19th century as farmers and traders moved into Southwest Missouri. The first settlers in the area were largely farmers who built their homes along the wooded streams in the region that was to become Nixa. The community that grew up there became a stopover for travelers, as it was at a crossroads, about a half-day’s journey from Springfield. In 1852, Nicholas A. Inman moved to the area from Tennessee, opening a blacksmith shop with Joe Weaver, and today the 160 acres that made up the Inman home adjoins the boundaries of Nixa. Soon, a post office was opened in the area, and its residents needed to come up with a name for the town. It was suggested that the town be named for Nicholas A. Inman. Another suggestion was that “nix” best described the town, as it was nothing but a crossroads. In the end, an “a” was added to the second suggestion, representing Inman’s middle initial, and the town was named Nixa, which was incorporated as a village in 1902. Nixa’s early economy was based primarily on farming and agriculture. Flour and corn mills were established in the area, and cattle and dairy industries were formed, including a cheese factory. Due to the depression years and the growing importance of Springfield as the region’s commercial center, Nixa’s agricultural businesses and industries closed, and Nixa became residential in nature. US Highway 160, which is also Missouri Highway 13, and Missouri Highway 14 intersect at Nixa. Cassidy and Fremont Hills are northeast of Nixa, and Ozark is east.


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