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Originally a northern suburb of Kansas City, across the Missouri River, the city of North Kansas is an independent municipality in Clay County, Missouri, although it is nearly surrounded by Kansas City, which has annexed property far to the north of its city limits. North Kansas City also adjoins Avondale. The city began in 1883, when Willard E. Winner built a rock road that later become Swift Avenue, and constructed a bridge across the Missouri River, connecting the area with Kansas City, buying up land and laying subdivisions in town lots, planning the city out long before any of the lots were sold. North Kansas City was incorporated as a town in 1912. Major roads connecting the city are Interstate Highways 29 and 35, US Highway 71, Missouri Routes 1, 9, 210, 269, and 283, while US Highway 169 runs just west of the city limits. There are now four bridges connecting North Kansas City with the portion of Kansas City south of the river, including the Broadway Bridge, the Heart of America Bridge, the Bond Bridge, and the Chouteau Bridge. A fifth bridge, the ASB Bridge, once carried road and rail traffic, but it now only carries rail traffic.



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