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The village of Olean is in Miller County, in central Missouri. The village was laid out by the Jefferson City, Lebanon and Southwestern Railroad (Missouri Pacific Railroad) in 1881 and 1882, and originally named Proctor, for an early settler by the name of James G. Proctor. However, another town in Missouri was named Procter so that name was rejected by the post office. The town was then named Cove, but there was another similar name in the state so that name was rejected as well. Chester was suggested, but there was another town by that name on the rail line. Eventually, the railroad chose Olean, after the town by that name in New York. The railroad closed its operations in Olean in 1962. With a population of fewer than two hundred today, the town hosts an annual Testicle Festival, which features cooked testicles from various animals and birds. Blythes Creek runs through the eastern portion of the small village. Eldon is southwest of Olean and Spring Garden is to the southeast, while the community of Enon is northeast.



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