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Situated along the northern banks of Center Creek, Oronogo is in Jasper County, Missouri. The lead and zinc mining town was platted in 1856. Prior to that time, the town had been known as Minersville, but its residents learn that a town by this name already existed in Missouri. According to tradition, its current name came about during a meeting held to discuss the subject, when a man arguing for choosing a name that included the word “ore,” stated, “It’s ore or no go.” In further discussion, a local resident by the name of Colonel J.M. Young suggested substituting “oro,” the Spanish name for “ore,” and dropping the “or” to make the word easier to pronounce, and the name of “Oronogo” was accepted. Oronogo is east of Carl Junction, west of Brooklyn Heights, north of Webb City, and south of Purcell and Neck City.



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