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The town of Orrick is in Ray County, Missouri. The first town in the area was established by Ely Carter in 1854 and named Albany. However, when a post office was established, that name was rejected because of another town in the state with that name. He used the name of his wife, Ada, for the post office but continued to refer to the town as Albany. The Battle of Albany occurred there on October 24, 1864, when Union troops under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Samuel P. Cox attacked a group of pro-Confederate guerrillas, killing William T. Anderson (Bloody Bill Anderson), who had been associated with Quantrill’s Raiders, and four other guerrillas. In 1871, Albany was incorporated as a town. However, by that time, the St. Louis, Kansas City and Northern Star (Wabash) Railroad had laid tracks a mile south, and a new community by the name of Orrick had grown up around them. Orrick was incorporated in 1873, quickly growing to envelop the the town of Albany. Orrick is northwest of Fleming and Camden, and northeast and across the Missouri River from Sibley and Buckner.



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