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Osborn, Missouri is in both Clinton County and Dekalb County. Like many other cities, the community began as a railroad town, coming into being when the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad extended its track through the area, and was named for Colonel William Osborn, a New York banker who had relocated to Missouri, where he entered into a partnership with the railroad. The town was laid out and registered in 1858, and incorporated as a village in 1887, at which time it consisted only of the part of the city that was in Dekalb County. In 1897, a second incorporation as a city enlarged the limits of the municipality. Osborn is situated just south of US Highway 36, which is also Missouri Highway 33. Missouri Route M passes through the city. Cameron is east of Osborn, while Stewartsville and Bayfield are to the west, and West Keystone is south, and Maysville is to the north of the city.



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