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Osceola is the county seat of St. Clair County, Missouri. The city was named for the famous Seminole Chief Osceola, whose name means “black water” in the Seminole language. Established on the banks of the Osage River in southwestern Missouri, the first people who lived in the area were the Osage. Among the first white men to remain in the St. Clair County region were Jacob Coonce, Phillip Crow, and Richard Crutchfield, who ran a trading post on the river, downstream from the Osage villages, and the town that grew up around the trading post became Osage in 1839. When the American Civil War began, Osage had a population of more than two thousand, but by the end of the war fewer than two hundred remained. Union General Jim Lane, who commanded the Kansas Brigade, raided the town and burned all but a few homes in September of 1861. In retaliation for this act, Quantrill’s Raiders burned, looted, and demolished Lawrence, Kansas. In 1929, the Osceola Dam formed Truman Lake, and the changing landscape continues to offer fishing and hunting opportunities. Osceola is situated on the banks of Truman Lake, with Missouri Highway 13 passing through the eastern part of town, and Routes 13 and WW passing through the city. Osage Heights is southwest and Vista is south of Osceola.



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