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Situated in center-eastern Missouri, the city of Overland, in St. Louis County, is a suburb of St. Louis, to the southeast. Surrounding communities include Sycamore Hills, Vinita Park, St. John, Breckenridge Hills, Olivette, and Maryland Heights. The community was settled in the early 1820s in an area south of the King’s Road to Saint Charles. Travelers going westward from St. Louis would stop for the night at the Overland Park wagon train stop, and the town that was built there was first known as The Overland Park. At one time, the frontiersman, Daniel Boone, had a one-room cabin there. In time, businesses were established in the area, and the Buck School, a one-room subscription school, was constructed in 1846, which operated until the Ritenour School District was organized in 1867. The town’s name was shortened to Overland in 1919, largely to avoid confusion with Overland Park, Kansas. In 1939, Overland was incorporated as a fourth-class city, and became a third-class city in 1990.


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