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Owensville is in Gasconade County, Missouri. The community was formed in the 1840s, at an intersection of a trail that connected St. Louis to Springfield and an oxcart path running from St. James to Hermann. The town began with a general store, a blacksmith shop, and a few other buildings. Tradition has it that the town was named by Edward Luster, the blacksmith, after he beat the owner of the general store, Francis Owen, in a game of horseshoes. Winning the privilege of naming the town, Luster declared, “Owensville sounds better than Lusterville.” A post office was established around 1847, and the new town became a local business center. Early industries included a corn cob pipe factory and a shoe factory. Later, plastics fabrication and printing firms were established. The village of Owensville became a fourth-class city in 1911. Today, Owensville is reached through Missouri Routes 28 and 19. Southwest of Owensville is Canaan, while Rosebud is northeast. The small communities of New Woolam and Old Woolam are northwest of the city.


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