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Peculiar, Missouri was surveyed in 1868 by Robert Cass, for whom Cass County was named. The town was platted as The Town of Peculiar. There are a couple of stories as to the origins of the town’s peculiar name. One states that the town’s first postmaster, Edgar Thomson, wanted to name the town Excelsior, but a town by that name already existed in Atchison County. After several other choices were also rejected, Thomson wrote to the Postmaster General, saying that he didn’t care what name he gave them so long as it was peculiar, and the town was registered as Peculiar. Another version states that early settlers looking for farm land cleared a small rise, after which one of them looked below and claimed, “Well, that’s peculiar! It’s the very place I saw in a vision back in Connecticut.” The land was purchased and when a village was established there, it was named Peculiar. Peculiar became a fourth-class city in 1953. Peculiar is situated along Interstate Highway 49, which is also US Highway 71, at its intersection with Missouri Route YY. Harrisonville is southeast of Peculiar, while Lake Annette is southwest, Harrelson is northwest, and Coleman is northeast of the city.



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