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Perryville is a fourth-class city in Perry County, in southeastern Missouri. It was established three days before Missouri was admitted to the Union in 1821, and has always served as the county seat of Perry County. Perryville was incorporated as a village in 1831. Its incorporation was allowed to lapse, but was reincorporated in 1856, becoming a city in 1882. The community was largely untouched during the American Civil War. In fact, several new businesses opened on Perryville during this period. The Perryville, Chester and Ste. Genevieve Railroad began service to Perryville in 1892, and the Frisco Railroad extended its tracks to the area, building a depot in Perryville in 1904. Today, the city is accessed through US Highway 61, which passes through the center of the town, intersecting with Missouri Routes 511, B, and E. Interstate Highway 55 runs along the south and western portions of the city. Saline Junction and Sereno are north of Perryville, while Highland is south, Longtown is southeast, Crosstown is northeast, and Brewer is northwest of the city.



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