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Located in the southwestern corner of Missouri, Pineville is the seat of government for McDonald County. Pineville Township was one of the original divisions established with the country was organized, and Pineville is the township’s principle town. The town site was surveyed in 1847, at which time the land was owned by Samuel Burke. Nine blocks were laid out, the center one intended for the public square. Originally, the town was known as Maryville. Soon afterwards, its name was changed to Pineville, for the pine forests that reached to the borders of the town. In 1857, after a heavily contested fight, Pineville was named the county seat, in part because of its location near the center of the country, but also because most of the roads within the county lead to Pineville. During the Civil War, the town suffered some damage from bushwhackers, including the burning of the court house, but no major battles took place there.



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