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Situated along the Little Platte River in western Missouri, Platte City is the county seat of Platte County. The city was founded by Zadlock Martin who, along with his sons, operated the ferries across the Platte and Missouri rivers. He built a home on the eastern side of the Platte River, and the town of Martinsville grew up there. In 1838, Martin constructed a dam on the Platte River, at the Falls of the Platte. In 1839, the county board of commissioners decided that the Falls of the Platte would be designated the county seat, founding the town that became Platte City. During the American Civil War, Colonel James Morgan’s Union Squad burned a portion of the city, including the courthouse, on December 16, 1861. However, despite the war, the Platte County Fair began there in 1863, and is the oldest continuously operating fair west of the Mississippi River. On July 18, 1933, Bonnie and Clyde and other members of their gang were ambushed in Platte City, escaping after a gun battle. Buck Barrow received a wound to his head, dying five days later in Iowa, and Blanche Barrow was blinded by glass fragments. Platte City is accessed by Interstate Highway 29, which is also US Highway 71, as well as Missouri Routes 92 and N. The city of Tracy is immediately adjacent to Platte City on the northwest, while the Platte Falls Conservation Area is to the northeast.


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