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Plattsburg is the county seat of Clinton County, Missouri. The Ioway, Fox and Sac tribes inhabited the area for thousands of years prior to the Platte Purchase, which ceded the lands claimed by the indigenous American Indian tribes. Settling along the Little Platte River, the first European-American settlers called their community Concord, and later Springfield, before settling on Plattsburg when it was found that there was already a town in Missouri named Springfield. Plattsburg was named for Plattsburgh, New York, which is the seat of Clinton County, New York, which was named for George Clinton, a founding father, the first governor of New York, and vice president from 1805 to 1812. The community’s first settlers came from Kentucky and western Virginia, and they brought their slaves and the slave culture with them. For a time, Plattsburg was the for farthest western non-military settlement in the United States. Plattsburg and the surrounding region became a large producer of hemp and tobacco, both of which were dependent upon slave labor. During the American Civil War, the town was occupied at various times by both Confederate and Union forces and, in 1863, some of William Quantrill’s guerrilla fighters captured a Union unit who were based in the Plattsburg courthouse. Plattsburg is situated at the tip of the Smithville Reservoir, along Missouri Highway 116 and Route C. Westbridge is to the southwest, Scearces is west, Turney is northeast, and Lathrop is east of Plattsburg.



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