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Situated in Cass County, Missouri, the city of Pleasant Hill was named for its pleasant position on an elevated prairie. The community was formed in 1828, when its first settlers built homes in the area. In 1844, the village had a population of about forty. The original town was located on a high hill about two miles northeast of the current town center. When the Missouri Pacific built its main line, the town moved to be nearer the point where the main line of the railroad connected with the Lexington and Southern, retaining its original name. Before long, the town extended to include original townsite and beyond. During the American Civil War, Pleasant Hill suffered the fate of many towns near the Missouri-Kansas border, being occupied by armies from both sides of the conflict, the town was raided several times, and was the site of the Battle of the Ravines in 1862, when Quantrill’s Raiders skirmished with Union troops. Most devastating was General Order Number 11, which depopulated the rural areas of four western Missouri counties, including Cass County. One of the few structures that remained was the old Henley Home, which served as the area Union headquarters while they were carrying out the Order. Pleasant Hill is adjacent to Baldwin Park, to the east, and near Strasburg, located further east, while Lake Winnebago is northwest of the city.



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