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Portageville, Missouri located in southeastern Portage Township, on the Pemiscot County line, with portions of the city in both Pemiscot County and New Madrid County. It is believed that the first European-American settlement of the area was in 1807, and that the original town had been destroyed by an earthquake in 1811 or 1812, with permanent settlement of the town being made in 1848. A Portageville post office was established between the years of 1867 and 1876, when its name was changed to Portage Bayou, so named because it was part of an early portage line from the St. Francois River to the Mississippi River. Later, its name was changed back to Portageville. The area between Clarkton and Portageville was known as the East Swamp, into which travel was difficult. Initially, the area was accessed through what was referred to as a dump road, a road that was built up higher than the surrounding swamp land. In the mid-1850s, it was replaced by a plank road, and a toll was charged to those traveling on it. Large sections of the plank road were burned by Union soldiers during the Civil War. Residents of Clarkton, Portageville, and the surrounding community patched the road with poles, after which it became known as the Pole Road. By 1900, the town had two saw mills, two cotton gins, and two Protestant churches. The Portageville Pirates, a Class D minor league baseball team, within the Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee League, also known as the KITTY League, made their home in Portageville in 1935 and 1936, before relocating to Kentucky. Portageville is located just west of Interstate Highway 55, with US Highway 61 leading from the Interstate to the town. Surrounding communities include Boekerton, Conran, Hayward, and Yaywye.



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