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Queen City is a community of fewer than six hundred people in Schuyler County, Missouri, not to be confused with Springfield, which is known as the Queen City of the Ozarks. The city was laid out in 1867 by Dr. George W. Wilson, and named for his desire for the city to become known as the “queen of the prairies.” Dr. Wilson built the first home in the town, while its first hotel was built by Henry Bartlett. By 1888, the town included five general stores, two grocery stores, two hardware stores, two hotels, a jewelry store, lumberyard, photography studio, music store, and a barber shop. Its location along the railroad made it a shipping point, particularly for railroad ties and other wood products harvested from the wooded areas along the Chariton River. Today, Queen City is served by US Highway 63 and Missouri Route W. Greentop and Sublette are south of Queen City, while Glenwood and Lancaster are to the north. Downing is northeast, Willmathsville is southeast, Worthington is west, and Livonia is northwest of Queen City. Situated in northeastern Missouri, Queen City is not far from the Iowa state line.



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