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The city of Raytown, in Jackson County, Missouri, is a suburb of Kansas City. When Missouri was admitted to the Union in 1821, Jackson County was not a part of the state, but was added in 1826. When townships were surveyed in 1826, the land in Township 49 was accidentally not included in the land that was put up for sale, and became known as the Lost Township. People lived there but they were squatters, as they did not own the land. The township was finally surveyed in 1843, and the land was sold, with the squatters being given first opportunity to purchase the land they lived on. William Ray came from Ohio in 1848, establishing a blacksmith shop along the Santa Fe Trail, at what is now the intersection of 63rd and Raytown Road. By 1858, although the town had not been formerly established, people were referring to the collection of homes and businesses in the area as Ray’s Town, which eventually became Raytown. During the Civil War, Union Order Number 11 depopulated the area, setting development of the town back about six years. Raytown is northwest of Unity Village and south of Independence. Kansas City is just over eleven miles from Raytown, to the northwest.


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