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Although Richland, Missouri has a population of fewer than two thousand people, its boundaries span Camden, Laclede, and Pulaski counties. The city is accessed by State Routes 7 and 133, as well as Highway T. The town was formed in 1869, when M. Santee surveyed and laid out the town along both sides of the railroad track. Originally, the new town was named Lyons Station, but it was learned that another Missouri town already carried that name, so it was renamed Richland for G.W. Rich, a railroad director. Early industries were the Richland Steam and Flouring and Saw Mills, established by Dr. James Titterington in the late 1870s, although livestock production and agriculture were the chief occupations in the area. Cattle, hogs, sheep, and lumber products were shipped from Richland daily. Richland was incorporated as a village when it was established in 1869, and it became a fourth-class city in 1884. Surrounding communities include Crocker, Glaize, Stoutland, Swedeborg, and Waynesville.


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