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The city of Richmond Heights is an inner-ring suburb of St. Louis, which is about ten minutes to the east. Tradition has it that General Robert E. Lee came upon the area upon which Richmond Heights is located while stationed in St. Louis with the Army Corps of Engineers prior to the Civil War. He compared the area to the city of Richmond in Virginia, his home state, and that this contributed to the city's name. The city's development began on land owned by Frederick Neisen, who built a mansion there in 1892. When several other families joined him over the next decade, a community was developed. The 1904 World's Fair brought in other developers, such as John Rankin Dyer who, along with Neisen, developed additional homes in the area, and Richmond Heights was incorporated in 1913. Among the prominent people who have lived in Richmond Heights are Charles Lindbergh and Chuck Berry. Surrounding communities include Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood, and University City. A study was begun in 2006 to consider the pros and cons of merging Richmond Heights with Clayton, Missouri.



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