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The city of Richmond, Missouri is the county seat of Ray County. It is located about forty miles east of Kansas City, at the crossroads of Missouri Highways 10 and 13. Surrounding communities include Camden, Dockery, Elkhorn, Fleming, Hardin, Lexington, Orrick, Rayville, and Rockingham. The city was founded to be the seat of government for the county when Missouri became a state in 1821, although the first county seat was Bluffton. Two choices were considered as a location for the new town, one on land contributed by Jeremiah and Polly Crowley, the other on land owned by John Wollard, William B. Martin, and William Thornton. Although the Crowley land was not chosen as the location for the county seat, the new town was named for Richmond, Virginia, Polly Crowley’s choice. Although no major Civil War battles were fought in Richmond, the Battle of Old Albany took place near there in 1864, just west of the Crowley farm house, and the detachment of Confederate troops that took part in it were stationed in Richmond.


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