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First explored by the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1804, the site of the future town of Rocheport was home to the Sauk, Meskwaki and Ioway when Zebulon Pike visited the area in 1806. Situated at the place where Moniteau Creek enters the Missouri River, a settlement was established there in the early 1800s, and named for the French words for "rocky port." During the American Civil War, the local population favored the South, yet was under the control of the Union through much of the war, and raided frequently by pro-Confederate guerrilla forced led by William T. Anderson, also known as "Bloody Bill" Anderson. Union soldiers also looted the town during its occupation of Rocheport. The city is located about halfway between Columbia and Boonville. Nearby communities include Overton, Wooldridge, and Hilldale. The writer, William Least Heat-Moon, is a resident of Rocheport.



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