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Situated in Cole County, the city of Russellville, Missouri. Surrounding communities include Corticelli, Enon, and Lohman. Jefferson City is just over nineteen miles to the northeast. The community began as a stopping point for people who were initially planning on passing through. Lamon Short and Enoch Enloue, Sr. were traveling from central Tennessee to Henry County, Missouri in 1831 when a wagon wheel broke on one of their wagons. While stopped, Short found a spring and a bee tree, and noted that the area had good soil and large oak trees, as well as game. It was late spring, so they put in some crops. Soon other families arrived from Tennessee, settling in Cole and Moniteau counties. While others were there first, the resulting town was named for Buckner Russell, who may have been a land promoter and store keeper. By 1838, most of the available land in the area had been taken, and the town was platted. The Lebanon branch of the Missouri Pacific Railroad came through in 1881, and Russellville was incorporated in 1895.



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