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Founded in 1837, St. Albans is an unincorporated town in northeastern Franklin County, Missouri. Situated near the Missouri River, St. Albans features high bluffs overlooking the river. The town borders St. Louis County, and a small section of St. Charles County, and is about seven miles west of Wildwood. The upscale resort community has a country store, restaurant, two 18-hole golf courses, a school, and thirteen residential neighborhoods. Prior to its settlement, the area was a stopping point for French and Indian traders. A lodging area was set up inside of Tavern Rock Cave for people traveling the river, which became known as Taverne de Montardis, for the proprietor, whose surname was Montardy. Around 1834, German immigrants began moving into the area, as it offered a reliable supply of spring water. The town was laid out by Dr. Peter Kincaid in 1837, and it is uncertain whether it was named for St. Albans in England or for a town by that name in Franklin County, Vermont. St. Albans was fairly quiet during the American Civil War, other than a raid by Confederate Price, who came through the area in 1864. Prior to the coming of the railroad, the town was a stopping point for steamboats. However, the flood of 1903 left bottomlands where the river once flowed, leaving St. Albans cut off from the river, after which boats bypassed the town on the river farther to the northeast. The town’s store was constructed in 1893, and is today known as Head’s Store.



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