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The village of St. Elizabeth, Missouri is in Miller County. The original settlement by that name was located about three miles away from the current townsite, by the Osage River southwest of Osage City. Established in the 1860s, the original town had a post office, wagon maker, blacksmith, shoemaker, general store, and a Catholic church. For some reason, the original townsite faded sometime after the death of its founder in 1875. Surveyed in 1880, the current village of St. Elizabeth is about three miles inland from the original townsite, although it was first named Charlestown, perhaps because the original St. Elizabeth was still in existence. It wasn’t until 1961, that St. Elizabeth took its current name. The Catholic church building in old St. Elizabeth was moved from its river site to the new town, and used as a school for several years. Nearby communities include Meta to the northeast, Van Cleve to the east, and Capps to the southwest.



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