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Situated in southwestern Missouri, along the east-west corridor of Interstate Highway 44, the town of Sarcoxie was first named Centerville when it was formed in the 1830s. Long before then, Edmund Jennings settled in the area for fifteen years, learning the Osage language. In 1831, Thacker Vivion built a log home along Center Creek, and constructed a grist mill in 1834 and later a saw mill as well. Dr. Abner Wilson opened a medical practice, as well as a mercantile and drug store there in 1833, later becoming the community's first postmaster. The postal service required the selection of a new name for the town, as another town by that name existed in Missouri, so it was renamed in honor of Chief Sarcoxie, an Osage who had camped along Sarcoxie Spring. During the American Civil War, both Union and Confederate troops were stationed in Sarcoxie at various times, but the townspeople's allegiance was to the Confederacy, although no major battles were fought in the town. Surrounding communities include Dry Valley, La Russell, Parshley, and Reeds.



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