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The city of Seligman is in Sugar Creek Township, Barry County, Missouri, and part of the Ozark Plateau of the Ozark Mountains. Bordered by the Mark Twain National Forest to the east, Seligman is situated on the ridge between Table Rock Lake to the east and the Grand Lake of the Cherokees to the west, via Big Sugar Creek and the Cowskin River. Prior to its settlement by European Americans, the area that was to become Seligman was part of the Osage Nation. The French sold it to the United States through the Louisiana Purchase, while it was taken from the Osage through the Treaty of Fort Clark, which was ratified in 1810. The community began as a trading post, its first settlers including Andrew, George, John, Joshua and Jacob Roller, who came from Scott County, Virginia. Construction of the first road through the area, known as Old Wire Road, began in 1841, following a trail cut by the Cherokee as they traveled to Missouri during the Trail of Tears in 1838. Later, a telegraph line was constructed along the trail, and the Old Wire Road followed the path of the telegraph line. In 1848, the Butterfield Stage Line came through the area, bringing more settlers and, by 1860, a settlement known as Roller’s Ridge had developed, although at some point it became known as Herdsville, for another early settler by the name of Adam Herd. The new town was largely depopulated during the American Civil War, as bushwhackers from both sides attacked townspeople and destroyed their homes and businesses. union Generals McCulloch, Pearce and Price met in a home on Roller’s Ridge to discuss the upcoming battle that became known as the Battle of Pea Ridge, also known as the Battle of Elkhorn Tavern, which began on March 6, 1862. Development of Seligman began again following the war, particularly after the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad came through in 1880, at which time the town was incorporated as Seligman, in honor of a railroad financier. Seligman is north of Gateway, Arkansas.



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