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Shelbina is in Shelby County, Missouri. Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, became the youngest Eagle Scout in history while attending eighth grade in Shelbina. The northeastern Missouri town was founded after the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad was constructed through Shelby County in 1857, and the area was chosen to serve as a railhead for Shelbyville, Walkersvile, Oak Dale, and Paris. Situated at the northern edge of what was known as “Little Dixie,” most Shelbyville residents were sympathetic to the South during the Civil War, although no major battles were fought there. Shelbina was incorporated in 1867, becoming a fourth-class city in 1878. Shelbina is located along US Highway 36, with Missouri Highway 15 and Business Highway 36 passing through the center of the city. Shelbina is south of Walkersville, southeast of Lentner, and northwest of Lakenan. St. Louis is about one hundred and fifty miles to the southeast.



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