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Shrewsbury was platted in 1889 on land that once belonged to Gregorie Sarpy and Charles Gratiot, although by 1890 it was divided into farms and sold to families. Once larger, the area that is now known as Shrewsbury was once a 278-acre farm owned by General John Murdoch, and was originally known as Shrewsbury Park. Shrewsbury was incorporated as a village in 1913, and became a city in 1938. Today, the city is largely a suburban residential community and inner-ring suburb of St. Louis, with both police and fire protection, a recreation center, aquatic center, and fifty acres of park land distributed throughout the city. The city is intersected by Interstate Highway 44 at its northern edge, and the Metro, a commuter railroad, connects the community with St. Louis and other St. Louis suburbs. Surrounding communities include St. Louis, Webster Groves, Marlborough, Mackenzie, and Affton.



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