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Home to the Fort Osage National Historic Monument, the village of Sibley is in Jackson County, Missouri. The community was platted by Archibald Gamble in 1836, and named for George C. Sibley, an Indian agent. In 1808, Fort Osage was constructed there in order to establish a military presence in the newly acquired Louisiana Territory, and to trade with the Osage Indians. It became part of the Missouri Territory when Louisiana became a state, and Missouri joined the Union as a slave state in 1821. Fort Osage was closed in 1827 after the Army opened Fort Leavenworth. It was hoped that Sibley would prosper from river trade, steamboat outfitting, and providing goods for overland travelers, but Sibley never did grow into more than a small village, as Independence became the economic center of Jackson County. The town also suffered from a flood in 1844, which destroyed many of the businesses located at the base of the bluff, and Sibley was almost completely destroyed by Union forces in June of 1863, as Sibley had become a refuge for Confederate guerillas during the American Civil War. Then there was a fire in 1878 and a tornado in 1880. In 1887, the Santa Fe Railroad crossed the Missouri River about a half mile south of the center of town, after which most of its residents moved to what became known as New Sibley. Sibley is situated along the western banks of the Missouri River, across from Orrick. Buckner is south of Sibley, Levasy is southeast, and Missouri City is northwest.



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