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Named for W.W. Spickard, an early settler in the community, the city of Spickard is in Grundy County, Missouri. Originally, the town was known as Spickardsville. One event rates high in the history of the small community. In February of 1890, local women involved in the temperance movement marched on the town’s saloon armed with hatchets, sticks and brooms, wrecking the building’s interior. When authorities arrived to arrest the women later, they were told that the entire town would resist any attempt to arrest them, so they returned still holding their warrants. Known as the Spickardsville Crusaders, they later stood trial in Trenton, with nearly the entire town of Spickard in attendance, and were fined one dollar each, plus costs. Spickard is located between US Highway 65, on its east side, and the Weldon River, which flows through the west portion of the city. Neighboring communities include Mill Grove, Tindall, and Half Rock.



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