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The City of St. Louis, Missouri is the second largest city in the state. The city began in 1764 as a French fur trading post, chosen for its location near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, and its population remained largely French until the mid-1800s. St. Louis was incorporated as a city in 1823, and soon became a center for commerce and trade. The city remained under Union control throughout the American Civil War and, following the war, St. Louis expanded its railroad connections and industrial activity, separating from St. Louis County to become an independent city in 1876. In 1875, the city became home to the St. Louis Brown Stockings, a founding member of the National League. The Brown Stockings closed in 1878 and an unrelated team with the same name began in 1882, changing its name a couple of times before settling on the St. Louis Cardinals in 1900. In 1902, another major league team moved from Milwaukee to St. Louis, becoming the St. Louis Browns, and the city was home to two Major League teams until the 1950s. St. Louis has been home to several prominent people, including Scott Bakula, Chuck Berry, Daniel Boone, Lou Brock, William S. Burroughs, Harry Caray, Cedrick the Entertainer, Phyllis Diller, T.S. Elliot, Max Factor, Redd Fox, Joe Garagiola, Ulysses S. Grant, Scott Joplin, Charles Lindbergh, Sonny Liston, Bill Mauldin, Agnes Moorehead, Red Schoendienst, William Tecumseh Sherman, Leon Spinks, Tennessee Williams, and Shelley Winters.


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