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Stockton is the county seat of Cedar County, Missouri. The small city was formed in 1846. First named Lancaster, its name was changed to Fremont in 1847 but when General Fremont became the Republican candidate for president in 1856, the Democratic legislature changed the name of the town to Stockton, in honor of Commodore Richard Stockton, who had arrested Fremont during the Mexican War and sought to have him disgraced. To the southeast of Stockton is Stockton Lake, which was formed in 1969 when the dam east of Stockton was closed, and is operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers. Stockton is situated at the northwestern tip of the lake. Other communities around the lake include Umber, Umber View Heights, Bona, Masters, and Aldrich. Kansas City is about one hundred and thirty-four miles to the north-northwest of Stockton.


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