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Sturgeon, Missouri is in Boone County. When the town was laid out in 1856, its boundaries came very near to that of the town of Prairie City, and eventually included that community. Sturgeon was incorporated in 1859, and named for Isaac H. Sturgeon, a superintendent for the North Missouri Railroad. There was a town named Buena Vista, also known as Bourbonton, about two miles west of Sturgeon. When it was decided that the railroad would bypass Buena Vista and run through the site of Sturgeon, people began moving their homes and businesses from Buena Vista to Sturgeon. Shortly afterwards, Prairie City was absorbed by Sturgeon when it was refused a railroad depot. The first school building in Sturgeon was built in 1857, and the first church in 1859, that being the Methodist Episcopal Church South, with a Masonic Lodge on the upper floor. During the American Civil War, most Sturgeon residents were sympathetic to the Confederacy, but Union forces occupied the town for most of the war. After the war, largely due to its position along the railroad, Sturgeon became a locally significant town. In 1953, an Amish family moved to a farm north of Sturgeon and, by 1961, forty Amish families had formed an Amish colony stretching north of Highway 22. Sturgeon is southeast of Clark, northeast of Riggs, southwest of Saling, west of Centralia, and north of Hallsville. Columbia is about twenty-five miles south of Sturgeon.



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