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The city of Sweet Springs is in Saline County, Missouri. Originally known as Claysville, the community began as a stopping point for travelers crossing the Missouri River. Early settlers in the area came mostly from Kentucky around 1817, and the town was incorporated as Claysville in 1832. In 1838, the town was renamed Brownsville in honor of its major landowner. In the mid-1800s, the wife of a minister who was traveling through the area with his family fell ill, and her health was restored after drinking from a local spring. The minister bought the land that included the spring, and the water became locally famous, and the spring began to be known as Sweet Springs, and eventually the surrounding town began to be referred to by that name. In 1887, the town’s name was changed to Sweet Springs. Today, Sweet Springs is situated at the place Interstate Highway 70, which is also US Highway 40, intersects with Missouri Highway 127. The Blackwater River flows through the southern portion of the city. Surrounding communities include Cretcher, Dunksburg, Elmwood, Emma, Herndon, and Houstonia.



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