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Theodosia is a village in Ozark County, in south-central Missouri. The original downtown area of Theodosia was located where Highway 160 now crosses the lake, but much of that area was flooded by the construction of Bull Shoal's Dam. Town businesses and residences moved a half mile west to the town of Lutie, and that town's name was later changed to Theodosia, although the school district and cemetery have retained the name of Lutie. Lutie was first known as Morning. Before the arrival of European-Americans around 1817, the area was settled by Osage Indians. Among the first families to move to the area included the Kessee, Graham, Risley, Friend, Hoodenpile, and Clarkson families. There were no recorded battles in the immediate area during the American Civil War, but the community was subjected to frequent raids by renegades who roamed the area, and people who took no part in the conflict were killed for no reason. The only recorded beginning of the village began with the establishment of a post office in 1886, although people were living there since around 1817. Theodosia is located along US Highway 160, just west of Sundown and east of Ocie. A portion of the Mark Twain National Forest is north of the city, and Bull Shoals Lake is east.



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